First Attempt

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” – Malala Yousafzai

Writing in my first blog’s first post, I don’t know where or how to start. I am Amritha Suresh, an Indian living in KSA, studying in 10th grade.

Each minute, a lot of thoughts pass through our minds. I found some such thoughts of mine worth capturing and developing. I view this Ordinaire (Ordinary) blog of mine as the best stage for airing these thoughts.

My thoughts and points of view need not be accepted by everyone. However, I am open to criticism and take them positively. I am optimistic that this blog of mine can change atleast one person’s way of thoughts. “Let us remember:“, says Malala,  “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” and I add, even an Ordinaire blog can do the same.


Believers will be Forgiven


This image shows the Hadith Column of the English newspaper “ARAB NEWS” dated 21/11. As a person who respects every religion equally, I always read this column. However, this Hadith shocked me a lot. I stared at it in horror as I could not accept the fact that God forgives all the sins of his believers. Does this mean that the Taliban who attacked the school-children in Pakistan in the name of Allah and the religious terrorists would be forgiven in spite of the heinous crimes they committed? Then, what is the difference between a normal believer and these terrorists? Does this mean that 82% of the world’s population have the license to commit the crimes they want?

Well, I am writing this article not to offend Islam, or any other religion. I write this just to show how noble teachings of all religions have been misinterpreted by the humans. I firmly believe that all the religions of the world give its followers noble and righteous teachings, however these have been wrongly interpreted and made flexible by all those men who call them “great religious scholars”. This, I believe, is the strongest curse to mankind.

All religions of the world give the same noble and righteous message, but in different ways. This means that if the sins of the believers of Allah will be forgiven, so will it be in other religions, without any doubt. But, this misinterpretation, as I said earlier, has given rise to various problems including religious terrorism and the intolerability of one religion by the other. The main problem is that we all choose to blindly believe these wrong interpretations of the teachings, without ever trying to question it or interpret it ourselves. This has ultimately given all those “great scholars” immense power and large numbers of followers who do anything they ask for. Every religion from Christianity to Jainism have been immensely *blessed* with these scholars.

I can undoubtedly say that our world can only be at peace if stop blindly following what others have to say and instead use our own intellect and reasoning to come to conclusions. Let us pray that we will be able to get rid of such Hadiths from our society and will be able to live in a calm and peaceful world.

PS: Notice that not all terrorrists are believers, they are actually lunatics…